10 Creative Ways to Decoupage Your Furniture

Decoupage is one of my favorite ways to renew an old furniture. Using your favorite photos, fabrics or maps you can transform boring furniture into a lovely piece that will instantly brighten your interiors. If you are interested in decoupage furniture and want to have at least one at home,… Read more »

10 DIY Window Treatment Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

One of the simplest, but most stunning interior decor changes you can make to a room to help freshen things up for spring would be to change your window treatments. They usually are a perfect way to save some money and still have a custom look you like. We have… Read more »

10 DIY Washi Tape Decorating Ideas To Add Color To Your Home

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12 Simple DIY Potholders That Will Protect Your Hands from Pots and Pans Too Hot to Touch

If you cook or bake potholders are a must for your kitchen. It is simple to create a couple of potholders just using materials that you have. The most common method to create a potholder is to sew one from some thicker fabric – take any color, pattern and shape… Read more »