10 Clever Gardening Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Are you ready for gardening season? If You want to have a beautiful and tidy garden you need to invest your time and efforts. It doesn’t matter what kind of garden you have: rose, weed or vegetable garden here are some of clever tricks for your garden that you have not heard of before.

Hard to dig? Moisten the ground around plants a few hours before starting digging and the job will be much easier.

Use plastic forks around your plants to keep animals from destroying your fresh fruits, herbs and veggies.

Place diapers in the bottom of a potted plant to help it retain moisture for a longer time.

Place a sponge in the bottom of a planter before putting soil, to help keep water in reserve.

Line flower pots with coffee filters will help prevent soil leakage through the drainage holes.

No wheelbarrow? No worries! Use a tablecloth to move heavy bags of mulch or other awkward loads.

Use Epsom Salt for a healthy garden

Use Epsom Salt for a healthy garden. It is rich in magnesium and sulfate that are crucial to plant life. Buy Epsom Salt at Amazon

Grind some eggshells and sprinkle in the garden for a calcium boost. Calcium is essential to plant growth healthy and strong.

Add a little bit of leftover coffee grounds to your soil once a month, to help keep the pH of the soil on the acidic side.

Start your seedlings using a citrus peel. Citrus peel have a lot of vitamins which will nourish the plant. Just don’t forget to poke a hole at the bottom of the peel for drainage.

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