10 DIY Wall Decoration Ideas For Your Boring And Blank Walls

Each of us love to decorate our houses and adding new things to add much more attraction and beauty to our houses. If you are searching for something new to decor your boring walls, or you just relocated into a new place and you are starting from scratch, We hope you will find something fun to create from this list. We’ve found for you some gorgeous DIY wall decoration ideas to make your wall look so awesome!

1. Washi tape wall

Use washi tape to create a fun wall design. It will fit perfectly in your child’s room.

Instructions: bohodecochic.com

2. Mid-Century Wall Sculpture

This decorative wall sculpture creates a high impact wall, but won’t break the bank!

Instructions: blitsy.com

3. Flower Wall Decor

If you are looking for a bright and fun way to beautify your space or a great party backdrop, this DIY flower wall will not disappoint!

Instructions: inspiredbythis.com

4. Creative Photo Display

This is a cool way to spruce up any blank wall by hanging your favorite photos..

Source: kidspacestuff.com

5. Geometric Unicorn Wall

That is so cool! Would be incredible in a little girls room.

Instructions: skunkboyblog.com

6. Make a Statement Wall with Paint Pens

Super unique, not too messy/hard. It’s a just a paint pen, however it makes such a big statement in the room!

Instructions: abeautifulmess.com

7. Fabric wall treatment using starch

Fabric can be hung on the wall using starch. It’s good for those who are afraid to commit to wallpaper.

Instructions: sincerelysarad.com

8. Gift-wrapped wall

What a great idea to use the gift wrap for the wall!

Learn more about this project at: shabbynest.blogspot.ro

9. Honeycomb Hexagon Wall Treatment

I think this wooden honeycomb grid will be a gorgeous home decor feature, and the ombre colors painted inside look awesome too!

Instructions: vintagerevivals.com

10. Wood Scalloped Wall

Really unique take on the art-deco look.

Get the Instructions here: classyclutter.net

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