12 Creative and Fun Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Coloured eggs are the symbol of Easter. Therefore today, we would like to inspire you with various amazing Easter egg decorating ideas that you should definitely try to make this Easter.

Most of these DIY projects are very easy to make plus they won’t take a lot of your time. We’ve selected them to be versatile, to help you make a choice from what materials and methods you’ll use to decorate eggs for Easter. You can use various washi tape designs, colors, glitter, nail polishes, fabrics and sharpies as decorating tools. Check how you can decorate Easter eggs with these tools and decide on which one you’ll try to create.

1. Glitter Easter Eggs

Glitter Easter Eggs

Add some sparkle to your Easter decor with these glitter Easter eggs. Get the Instructions here

2. Grafic black and white easter eggs

grafic black and white easter eggs

You need only a pen to create these grafic black and white patterned easter eggs. It is so easy! Get the Instructions here

3. Metallic Easter Eggs

Metallic Easter Eggs

Make these clean and modern Metallic Easter Eggs for a fun new look! Get the Instructions here

4. Easter Egg Bonnets

Easter Egg Bonnets
Crochet some cute bonnets for your Easter eggs. Get the instructions here

5. Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Using washi tape is a great way for younger kids to help color those eggs without all the mess which comes with dyes. View Instructions here

6. Lace Wrapped

Lace Wrapped

Sweet & romantic lace dyed Easter eggs. Get the Instructions here

7. Paper Flower Easter Eggs

Paper Flower Easter Eggs

Cover the whole egg using the flowers to make a fanciful design. Get the Instructions here

8. Ribbon Easter Eggs

Ribbon Easter Eggs

Pretty ribbons decorate these Easter eggs and make them special and unique. Get the Instructions here

9. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Use crayons to color on eggs while they’re still hot from the pot. The crayon wax will smear onto the shells. As a result we get this beautiful effect! Get the Full Instructions here

10. Natural Dye Colored Easter Eggs

Natural Dye Colored Easter Eggs

Choose some leaves and flowers from your garden to make garden-inspired designs. Get the Instructions here

11. Feathered Easter Eggs

Feathered Easter Eggs

You can use feathers to give your eggs a little something different. Instructions here

12. Artistic Easter Eggs

Artistic Easter Eggs

These black & white eggs are elegant and really creative. Instructions here

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