20 One Hour Crochet Projects You’ll Want To Try Immediately

20 One Hour Crochet Projects You’ll Want To Try Immediately

If you have a little bit of time to kill, check out these quick and easy crochet patterns!

You’ll find here free crochet patterns for fashion accessories, hair accessories, home accessories and more. And the best of all is that they can be made in just one hour or less, and many of them are great projects for beginners!

1. Mobius Cowl

One Hour Mobius Cowl

Free Pattern at The Crochet Crowd

2. Sweetheart Earrings

Sweetheart Earrings

Free Pattern at Yellow, Pink and Sparkly

3. Colorful Little “Vintage” Coasters

Colorful Little “Vintage” Coasters

Free Pattern at Mama in a Stitch

4. Candy Corn Coffee Cozy

candy corn coffee cozy

Free Pattern at Colour and Cotton

5. Cute and Easy Crochet Houses

cute and easy crochet houses

Free Pattern at Knitpurlhook

6. Crochet Sleeping Mask

crochet sleeping mask

Free Pattern at Little Things Blogged

7. Crochet Cherry Brooch

Crochet Cherry Brooch

Free Pattern at Next to Nicx

8. Classic Organic Baby Booties

classic organic baby booties

Free Pattern at King Soleil

9. Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen Gloves

Free Pattern at Hands Occupied

10. Crochet These Adorable Succulents

Crochet these adorable succulents

Free Pattern at Whistle and Ivy

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