10 Smart Ways to Reuse Prescription Pill Bottles

Plastic pill bottles can be useful for holding a variety of small items and essentials. Rather than pouring empty pill bottles into landfills, why not find practical solutions to use them instead?

40% of Americans take a minumum of one prescription pill every month. This adds up to a lot of pill containers, most of which you can’t throw to regular recycling bin. But there are a lot of great ways to repurpose empty bottles at home.

Here are 10 various ways those empty prescription pill bottles may be used for storage and organization. Perhaps You could think of much more applications as well.

Remember to clean the bottles well before you use them.

1. Makeup Organizer

Store your beauty products and tools like your eyeliners, brushes and mascara.

Instructions – laurathoughts81.blogspot.com

2. Travel-Sized Shampoo

You don’t want to take big bottles of shampoo or conditioner when travelling, so save some space inside your bag simply by filling up empty pill bottles.

Instructions  – maddeeshawbeautyblog.blogspot.com

3. Bobbin Storage

My bobbins are usually a tangled mess. This looks like an excellent solution!

Instructions – thezenofmaking.com

4. Bamboo Vase

Such a wonderful reuse project and perfectly timed for when everything is coming up flowers!

Instructions – michlinla.com

5. Center-Pull Yarn Ball

Here is a method to save all you crocheters and knitters from buying an expensive ball winder.

Instructions – ialwayspickthethimble.com

6. Light Garland

If you have got quite a few empties you can make a garland lights for the bathroom mirror.

Instructions – craftingagreenworld.com

7. Neat Nail Polish Remover

Turn your old pill bottle into quick nail polish remover!

Instructions – whoknewtips.com

8. Keep Pins in a Prescription Bottle

This helps to keep them out of children’s hands.

Source – thriftyfun.com

9. Earphone Container

Putting earphone in an empty pill bottle is an easy way to store them. Genius!

Instructions – instructables.com

10. Seed Storage

Perfect storage to keep them safe during the wintertime.

Instructions – slightlysteady.com

One thought on “10 Smart Ways to Reuse Prescription Pill Bottles

  1. Lena Williams

    To bad we can’t just return them to the pharmacy and let them reuse them! I use mine to keep old coins in, also some of my old buttons that I don’t want to display at the time.


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