12 Creative Ideas to Recycle Wooden Crates for DIY Home Projects

Crates are a cheap way to create almost anything for your home decor. A lot of DIY projects can create many awesome pieces of furniture that will add a charm to your interior. Don’t spend your whole paycheck on a single piece of furniture!

Use your old wooden crates to create something interesting and innovative for your home. Check out 12 creative DIY ways to reuse wooden crates and find the right project for you.

1. Crate Side-Table

Create this cool side table from just a pair of old wooden crates, a few screws and a lick of candy coloured paint!

Instructions: byhandlondon.com

2. Toy Storage Crates

End of toys lying on the floor. Make cute toy bins from wooden crates.

Instructions: abubblylife.com

3. Crate Bookshelf

Need a new storage solution for books? Build a simple bookshelf out of wooden crates. Add more crates as your book collection grows.

Instructions: justcallmechris.blogspot.com

4. Rustic Wall Crate

Rustic Wall Crate

hang your keys on hook inside.

Instructions: kammyskorner.com

5. Colorful Shoe Storage

These colorful shoes storage idea is pretty creative.

Source: modernhouseinsight.com

6. Wooden Crate Toilet Paper Storage Unit

Wooden Crate Toilet Paper Storage Unit

Pretty cool toilet paper holder. I love the rustic style.

Source: funkyjunkinteriors.net

7. Vintage Crate Plant Display Stand

It looks fantastic with plants, however it can hold a number of things beautifully.

Instructions: designsponge.com

8. Crate Linen Cabinet

Crate Linen Cabinet

This cabinet gives a perfect shabby chic touch to any room but especially to the bathroom.

Instructions: gingerlymade.com

9. Wooden Crate Nightstand

With just 3 dollars and some free time you can create a bedside nightstand!

Insatructions: jacquelynclark.com

10. Fun Pet Bed

Pet Bed

It work for a cat or small dog, or with a bit more work, you can put several crates together for a medium sized animal.

Instructions: meetthebs.com

11. Crate Bathroom Wall Storage

Change bare bathroom walls with functional and decorative crate shelving.

Instructions: hgtv.com

12. Crate to Wine Rack

So simple yet so elegant at the same time.

Instructions: mayamade.blogspot.com

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