26 Creative and Cool Ways To Reuse Old Tires

If you’ve some old tires lying around your garage or basement, don’t get rid of them. There are many ways to transform old tires into something both beautiful and useful. Check out our roundup of eco-friendly upcycling ideas to spark your creativity!

1. Turn an Old Tire into a Stylish Ottoman

Tutorial via That Was A What

2. DIY Ladybug Planter

Ladybug Planter

Tutorial via Snappy Tots


3. A Used Tire Hose Caddy

make a hose caddy out of an old tire

Tutorial via Root Simple


4. Tire Garden Frog

Tutorial via Two Women and a Hoe


5. Tire Coffee Table

Tire Coffee Table

Tutorial via Pursuit of Functional Home

6. Tire Teeter Totter

Tutorial via MyFixitUpLife


7. Tire Display Shelf

Tire display shelf

Tutorial via Spaceships and Laser Beams


8. Tire Staircase

Tire Staircase

Source: Flickr


9. DIY Tire Sandbox

Tutorial via I Heart Napt Tme


10. Umbrella Holder

Umbrella Holder

Source: Mentootlet


11. Tire Pond

Tire Pond

Tutorial via Instructables


12. Hanging Tire Planter

Tutorial via DIY Show Off


13. Tire Climbing Tower

Tire Climbing Tower

Tutorial via Blessings Overflowing


14. Tire Seating

Tire Seating

Tutorial via Grillo Designs


15. Tire Dog Bed

Tire Dog Bed

Tutorial via Practically Functional


16. Patio Table

Patio Table

Tutorial via Madcap Frenzy


17. Bike Tire Mirror

Bike Tire Mirror

Source: Re-Creations Project


18. Repurpose Old Tires As Chicken Baths

Repurpose Old Tires As Chicken Baths

Tutorial via Weed ’em & Reap


19. Tire Swing

Tutorial via Janiszettel


20. Turn Old Tires into a Storage Bin

Turn Old Tires into a Storage Bin

Source: Curbly


21. Tire Bike Stand

Tire Bike Stand

Source: Recyclart


22. Tire Used As Base For Succulent Wreath

Source: Fennel and Fern


23. Tire Chandelier

tire chandelier

Source: Thetadbiteclectic


24. Tire Valance

Tire Valance

Source: Itsy Bits and Pieces


25. Half Tire Hammock

Half Tire Hammock

Tutorial via Playground Ideas


26. Spill Proof Tire Dog Bowl

Spill Proof Tire Dog Bowl

Tutorial via Rural Mom

If you enjoy these ideas, then make sure to share them with your friends and family!

26 Creative and Cool Ways To Reuse Old Tires

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