8 Lovely Ways to Display Photos On Your Walls

I really like all kinds of photos, especially with my family or friends. Especially those taken by surprise – are the best. In my house are usually hidden in an album or on a laptop.

The inspiration this week is family photos on the wall – I found some interesting arrangements, which I would like to share with you. Some galleries are really impressive! And some created by a pretty interesting ideas. The most interesting is that you can create galleries in every room.

1. Use vintage window frame to display photos

Source: cottageinstincts.blogspot.com

2. Staircase is a perfect place to hang your old family photographs

Source: lawflaw.com

3. Use all white frames with white photo mats

Source: iamthelab.com

4. Heart Shaped Photo Art

Source: naialina.blogspot.com

5. Photo Collage Frame

Order here

6. Beautiful very large black and white photos behind a sofa

Source: alovelylark.com

7. Family tree wall with photo frames

Source: etsy.com

8. Use a mirror as the centerpiece of your gallery

Source: blogspot.com

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