20 Christmas Decorations Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

20 Christmas Decorations Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

If you’re looking for easy and fun Christmas crafts to do with your kids, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of 20 cool and creative Christmas crafts that you can make out of toilet paper rolls!

Toilet paper roll crafts are ideal for kids because they aren’t sharp or difficult to work with. They are also extremely malleable, so you can bend and fold them as much as you want. So, find some empty toilet paper tubes in your home and start making some of these Christmas crafts with your kids!

1. Cardboard Tube Olaf

Cardboard Tube Olaf

Tutorial via Crafts by Amanda

2. Paper Tube Santa Claus

Paper Tube Santa Claus

Tutorial via Craft Ideas

3. Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

Tutorial via The Wonder of Christmas

4. Snow Owl Ornaments

Snow Owl Ornaments

Tutorial via Pam’s Party and Practical Tips

5. Toilet Roll Carollers

Toilet Roll Carollers

Tutorial via Thinly Spread

6. Toilet Roll Reindeer

Toilet Roll Reindeer

Tutorial via Happy Hooligans

7. TP Roll Tree Topper

TP Roll Tree Topper

Tutorial via All Things Paper

8. Easy Christmas Ornament

Easy Christmas Ornament

Tutorial via DIY Inspired

9. Loo Roll Penguins

Loo Roll Penguins

Tutorial via Kat This Kat That

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