15 Clever DIY Hanging Storage Solutions And Ideas

If you feel like you never have enough storage space, these 15 clever ideas will help you utilize vertical space to tidy your home and safely store your stuff.

1. Door Organizer

Door Organizer

Not only does this closet door add interest to the kitchen, but the slats offer tons of spots for hanging cooking tools. (Project details: C.R.A.F.T.)

2. Floating Shelves

Float shelves

Add small floating shelves to the side of the kitchen cabinet. (Project details: The Chronicles of Home)

3. Shoe Organization

Shoe Organization

The paint cans nailed into the wall are perfect for holding flip-flops. (Project details: Crafty Nester)

4. Under The Sink Storage

Under Sink Storage

Use a tension rod to hang spray bottles of cleaners and help tame the clutter under the sink. (Project details: Jen Thousand Words)

5. Trash Bags on a Roll

Trash Bags on a Roll

Utilize this small cramped space under your sink cabinet by adding a dispenser for trash bags. (Project details: Simply Organized)

6. Under Cabinet Storage

Under Cabinet Storage

Hang wire baskets on a rod under the cabinet for even more extra storage. (Project details: The Kitchn)

7. Hang a Dish Rack Over the Sink

Hang a Dish Rack Over the Sink

Another great solution to maximize your counter space. (Project details: Instructables)

8. Use a Pegboard

Use a Pegboard

Use a pegboard to add effective storage solutions. It’s practical for small spaces, and keeps your cooking tools at an arm’s reach. (Project details: Design Sponge)

9. Wall Mounted Lint Catcher

Wall Mounted Lint Catcher

Mount a painted plastic bin to the wall in your laundry room and use it as a mini trash can for lint. (Project details: Polished Habitat)

10. Corner Closet

Corner Closet

Don’t forget about using room corner space. For example, hang a rod. (Project details: Mint Love Social Club)

11. Laundry Basket Shelf

Laundry Basket Shelf

Use a shelving unit to organize and store your assortment in laundry baskets. (Project details: Broke Ass Home)

12. Buckets for Craft Organization

Buckets for Craft Organization

Use small buckets to store pencils, crayons and other craft related items. (Project details: There Was a Crooked House)

13. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

Mason jars make the perfect storage for bathroom accessories. (Project details: Liz Marie Blog)

14. Wire Baskets

Wire Baskets

Utilize that little space between the shelf in your pantry and the door jamb by installing little wire baskets to hold spices. (Project details: Domestic Imperfection)

15. Magazine Rack Shelving

Magazine Rack Shelving

Looking for a way to store your vegetables? Here’s a simple and cheap solution using magazine rack. (Project details: Just What Am I Thinking)

15 Clever DIY Hanging Storage Solutions And Ideas

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