15 Amazing DIY Tin Can Projects

15 Amazing DIY Tin Can Projects

What do you do with the cans from which you have emptied the food? You probably throw them right into the recycling bin. But today I will show you that you don’t have to throw out your tin cans anymore. This versatile, cheap household item can be turned into an awesome craft, useful DIY project, or charming decoration. We’ve put together 15 amazing ideas on what you can do with your tin cans. Get inspired!

1. 3 Tiered Tin Can Vase

3 Tiered Tin Can Vase

A charming vase to display small wildflowers. (Tutorial via Sweet Paul)

2. Tin Can Desk Organizer

Tin Can Desk Organizer

Use tin cans to organize craft and school supplies. (Tutorial via My Frugal Adventures)

3. Colourful Tin Can Planters and Pallet Holder

Colourful Tin Can planters and Pallet Holder

Brighten up your garden with these easy to make colourful tin can planters and pallet wood trough. (Tutorial via Pillar Box Blue)

4. Tin Can Lamp

Tin Can Lamp

Make your own DIY lantern style lamp out of tin cans and spray paint. (Tutorial via A Little Craft in Your Day)

5. Cutlery Holder

cutlery holder

Upcycle cans and some wood into creative cutlery holder. (Tutorial via Madame Criativa)

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