15 Clever DIY Hanging Storage Solutions And Ideas

6. Under Cabinet Storage

Under Cabinet Storage

Hang wire baskets on a rod under the cabinet for even more extra storage. (Project details: The Kitchn)

7. Hang a Dish Rack Over the Sink

Hang a Dish Rack Over the Sink

Another great solution to maximize your counter space. (Project details: Instructables)

8. Use a Pegboard

Use a Pegboard

Use a pegboard to add effective storage solutions. It’s practical for small spaces, and keeps your cooking tools at an arm’s reach. (Project details: Design Sponge)

9. Wall Mounted Lint Catcher

Wall Mounted Lint Catcher

Mount a painted plastic bin to the wall in your laundry room and use it as a mini trash can for lint. (Project details: Polished Habitat)

10. Corner Closet

Corner Closet

Don’t forget about using room corner space. For example, hang a rod. (Project details: Mint Love Social Club)

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