20 Clever Things You Can Do With a Shoebox

Got a bunch of empty shoeboxes laying around that you don’t know what to do with? Instead of throwing them out, you can repurpose them into all kinds of useful or pretty things. Here is a bunch of clever and crafty ideas you can try.

 1   Chevron Shoebox Wall Art

Chevron Shoebox Wall Art

from Spunky Junky

 2   Shoebox Shelves

Shoebox Shelves

from Instructables


 3   Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Organizer

from Home Awaits


 4   Shoe Box Doll House

Shoe Box Doll House

from Trimcraft


 5   Shoe Box Charging Station

Shoe Box Charging Station

from Yuzko

 6   Shoebox Picnic Basket

Make a cute shoebox picnic basket

Tutorial at: 100Directions


 7   Gift Box

Gift Box

from Two Shades of Pink


 8   Marker Caddy

marker caddy from a shoebox and some empty toilet paper rolls

from Aunt Peaches


 9   Map Covered Storage Boxes


from In My Own Style


 10   Ribbon Storage

from Kimber Kreations


 11   Turn a Shoebox into a Suitcase

A Simple Shoebox Can be Transformed into a Really Cute Antique-looking Mini Suitcase

from The Idea King


 12   DIY Thread Storage

Thread Storage

from Fashion is Fiction


 13   DIY Mini Foosball Game

Upcycle a shoebox into a homemade foosball game

from U-Create


 14   Shoe Box Theater

Make A Light up Shoebox Theater

from Handmade Charlotte


 15   DIY Marble Maze

make a homemade version of this classic toy

from Frugal Fun for Boys


 16   Shoebox Stove

Shoebox Stove

from A Little Learning for Two


 17   DIY Musical Strummies

Musical Strummies

from Teach Preschool


 18   Shoebox Pizza Oven

Shoebox Pizza Oven

from Fun Crafts Kids


 19   Shoe Box Cell Phone Projector

Photo Projector

from Photojojo


 20   Shoebox Mail Box

make a mailbox out of an old shoebox

from Flower Bubbles

20 Clever Things You Can Do With a Shoebox

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