10 Creative Ways to Repurpose an Old Sewing Machine

Do you have a sewing machine laying around the house that you aren’t using anymore? Instead of just throwing it away, you can repurpose it as creative furniture for home decoration. Here are some great old sewing machine repurposing ideas which may inspire you.

1. Sewing machine turned desk

Sewing Machine Turned Desk

Image via EmmaBlogg

2. Sewing machine base repurposed into bathroom vanity

Image via Design Sponge


3. Sewing machine console table with a glass top

Image via Living In


4. Old sewing machine turned makeup table

Image via Home Talk


5. Old sewing machine converted into a chair

Chair made from sewing machine base

Image via Nobletreasures

6. Repurposed sewing machine flower box

A Flower Box for Your Garden

Image via e-interjeras


7. Sewing machine dining table

Sewing Machines Recycled into Dining Table

Image via Gotmovietrivia


8. Old sewing machine converted to nightstand

Sewing Machine + Cutting Board = Perfect Bedside Table

Image via Flickr


9. Rustic coffee table with legs from a recycled sewing machine

Sewing Machine Recycled into Coffee Table

Image via Recyclart


10. Sewing table turned bar cart

Sewing table turned bar cart

Image via  Thrift Town

Which of these projects are your favorite? Comment to let us know if you’re going to try any of these out!

10 Creative Ways to Repurpose an Old Sewing Machine

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