17 Cool Things To Make With Plastic Spoons

17 Cool Things To Make With Plastic Spoons #crafts

Looking for fun DIY projects? Then, you’ve come to the right place. In this post we would like to show you that plastic spoons are more than utensils… With just a few plastic spoons, a glue gun, spray paint and a bit of creativity, you can create gorgeous decorative pieces that will brighten up your home.

From toys to accessories to beautiful home decor, these creative plastic spoon craft projects are sure to delight you.

1. Make Your Own Plastic Spoon Mirror

Make Your Plastic Spoon Mirror

Tutorial at Little Things Bring Smiles

2. Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

Tutorial at That’s What Che Said

3. Make Plastic Spoon Kitchen Decor

Make Plastic Spoon Kitchen Decor

Tutorial at Spunky Junky

4. Creative Plastic Spoon Vase

Creative plastic spoon vase

Tutorial at All You

5. Make Plastic Spoon Maracas

Make plastic spoon maracas

Tutorial at Dana Made it

6. Make Flowers with Plastic Spoons

Make Flowers with plastic spoons

Via: A Bookworm’s World

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