21 Things You Can Build With 2x4s

12. Candle Holder

2X4 Candle Holder

Turn wood scraps into candleholders by cutting them into neat squares. (Tutorial: Build it Girl)

13. Industrial Hallway Cart

Industrial Hallway Cart

This rustic industrial hallway cart is so simple to make and uses nothing but 2x4s. It’s also functional and versatile, because you can wheel it wherever you need it. (Tutorial: Infarrantly Creative)

14. Picnic Table

Easy Kids Picnic Table

This super sturdy picnic table is big enough to sit a small adult too! (Tutorial: Ana-White)

15. Outdoor Sectional

Outdoor Sectional

A comfortable outdoor sectional is the perfect place to relax and spend time with loved ones. (Tutorial: More Like Home)

16. Shelving Unit

Simple and Inexpensive 2x4 Shelving To Hold All of Your Storage Containers

Construct sturdy shelving for your home using 2x4s and plywood. (Tutorial: DIY Design Fanatic)

17. Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Made With 2x4s

A new kitchen island will add style, utility, and value to your home. (Tutorial: Mom in Music City)

18. 2×4 Plant Shelf

Hang Up Your Plants! Easy 2x4 Plant Shelf

Ideal for areas where space is limited. (Tutorial: Empress of Dirt)

19. Farmhouse Table

2x4 Farm House Table

Build your own great looking table that’s perfect for indoors or out. (Tutorial: Simple Southern Charm)

20. Entry Way Table

2x4 Entry Way Table

Super versatile piece made entirely of 2x4s! It’s great in the entry way or tucked behind a couch. (Tutorial: A Vision To Remember)

21. Dumpster Dresser

Make a Functional, Great Looking Dresser from 2×4’s

Make a crate style dresser to spice up a room! (Tutorial: Ana-White)

7 thoughts on “21 Things You Can Build With 2x4s

  1. p3orion

    Thanks for the ideas. These are nice, creative, and attractive projects.

    OK, except for the coffee table. That is the ugliest damned coffee table I’ve ever seen!

  2. Jorge McMillan

    I really like the coffee table you displayed in #4! I think that would be a fun project to work on this month. I like how simple yet unique it looks. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Nikki Comma

    Love these ideas! I want to try the outdoor plant shelf since a previous owner seems to have built something like it onto our house so I have the wood part done for me!


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