5 EASY Ways to Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

5 EASY Ways to Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

When your kitchen sink is clogged, you don’t have to immediately call a plumber or drain cleaning expert. You can unclog the kitchen sink on your own without paying a dime. Here are 5 different ways to unclog your drain without nasty harsh chemicals:

Method 1: Use a Plunger

Use a Plunger

• Make sure plunger cup completely covers drain opening.

• Make sure all other outlets are plugged with wet rags.

• Hold plunger upright and plunge 8-10 times in vigorous strokes.

Method 2: Unclog a Drain with Zip Ties

Unclog a Drain with Zip Ties

Use the scissors to cut notches in the plastic zip-tie cable to form teeth, and then insert one end in the drain to remove clogs. (via Instructables)

Method 3: Use Baking Soda + Vinegar

Use Baking Soda + Vinegar

Pour 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain, follow with 1/2 cup white vinegar. The acidic reaction should occur, and after a few moments follow with hot water. (via Thrifty Nifty Nancy)

Method 4: Use Baking Soda + Salt

Use Baking Soda + Salt

Pour 1 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup salt down the drain. Let sit for a few hours to overnight. Finally, slowly pour 2 cups boiling water down the drain.

Method 5: Repurpose a Metal Wire Hanger

Clear Your Clogged Drain With a Wire Coat Hanger

Unbend a wire hanger and use it to snake down the drain to try pulling things out or push the clogged object through. (via Anta Plumbing)

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