21 Smart Kitchen Organizing Ideas

21 Smart Kitchen Organizing Ideas

If you have a problem with organizing kitchen items, don’t worry any more. There are plenty of easy solutions that will help you organize your cluttered kitchen. Knowing where all your utensils, pots & pans and ingredients are it will make food preparation an easier task. Whether if your kitchen is large or tiny, here are some creative storage ideas and organization tips, that will make your life in the kitchen better and easier.

1. Build a Roll-Out Pantry

Get the tutorial: On The Banks of Squaw Creek

2. Make a Pegboard Pot Organizer

Get the tutorial: RICEdesigns

3. Organize Your Spices in Mason Jars

More details: Apples and Sparkle

4. Install Under-Cabinet Drawers

Under-Cabinet Drawers

Get the tutorial: The Family Handyman

5. Use Shoe Holder As Snack Holder

Via: Money Saving Queen

6. Utilize The Sides of Your Cabinets

Get the tutorial: Not Martha

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