15 Great Homesteading Projects To Make Life Easier

6. Egg Carton Dryer Lint Fire Starters

Egg Carton Dryer Lint Firestarters

Need to start a quick fire? Make quick and dirty fire starters out of egg cartons, drier lint and wax. (DIY instructions: Food Storage and Survival)

7. Composting Toilet

Composting Toilet

Build a functional compost toilet and start turning your waste into homemade garden fertilizer today! (DIY instructions: Compost Junkie)

8. Wind Powered Water Pump

Wind Powered Water Pump

If you are close to a water source you could build a wind-powered water pump to move water. This model is made from 2 bicycle wheels and PVC pipe. (DIY instructions: Instructables)

9. Easy Construction Square Compost Bin

Easy Construction Square Compost Bin

You really do not need to spend money on buying a compost bin as it can be made easily at home. You can make this fancy compost bin using pickets, 2 x 2s, and hardware cloth. (DIY instructions: Bonnie Plants)

10. DIY Oil Lamp

Oil Lamp

An oil lamp can bring good enough light if there will be a power outage and it is quite easy to make. (DIY instructions: Down To Earth)

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    1. Shawna

      The potatoe box works excellent. You must use seed potatoes from a nursery or ordered online. You will not be able to get grocery store everyday potatoes to grow anything but foliage.


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