15 Great Homesteading Projects To Make Life Easier

11. Make a Paracord Survival Bracelet

Paracord Survival Bracelet

A paracord survival bracelet is a great tool for any prepper to have around, ready to help you in any survival situation. (DIY instructions: ParaVival)

12. Make a Pallet Workbench

Pallet Workbench

Need a table for your workshop? Use wooden pallets to build this functional workbench. (DIY instructions: Little House of Four)

13. PVC Watering Grid

PVC Watering Grid

Create this watering grid to water large areas of your lawn or garden without wasting one drop of water. (DIY instructions: Square Food Gardening)

14. DIY Portable Tin Can Rocket Stove

Portable Tin Can Rocket Stove

This easy DIY stove is made up of different sizes of cans and weighs almost nothing. With this stove, you can have a nice cup of tea on a cold night in just five minutes! (DIY instructions: Log Cabin Cooking)

15. Make A Solar Heater Using Soda Cans

Solar Heater Using Soda Cans

Make this simple heater that will heat any room. Ideal for a workshop or you can easily adapt it to the house. (DIY instructions: Hemmings)

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2 thoughts on “15 Great Homesteading Projects To Make Life Easier

    1. Shawna

      The potatoe box works excellent. You must use seed potatoes from a nursery or ordered online. You will not be able to get grocery store everyday potatoes to grow anything but foliage.


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