17 Creative Ways to Repurpose & Reuse Old Stuff

The next time when you are thinking of throwing something away, consider if it can be repurposed into something new. With a little creativity and imagination, you can turn any old and unwanted junk into something stylish, unique, and useful for your home. Here are some creative ideas to transform your old items into new and exciting pieces. Take a look and try some of them out!

1. DIY Corner Bench From 4 Old Chairs

Turn Four Average Chairs Into A Corner Bench

Tutorial via My Repurposed Life

2. Coffee Table Turned Upholstered Ottoman

Turn an old coffee table into a stylish upholstered ottoman

Tutorial via Not So Newlywed McGees


3. Dresser Turned Television Console

Turn an old dresser into a TV console

Tutorial via Domestic Superhero


4. DIY Jewelry Holder from a Repurposed Serving Tray

A type set tray re-purposed into a jewelry organizer

Tutorial via Tonya Staab


5. DIY Old Crutches Into Shelves

Old Crutches Into Shelves

Tutorial via Innovate Your Junk


6. Vintage Suitcase Turned into Side Table

Vintage Suitcase Turned into Side Table

Tutorial via 1Unik in Action

7. Coffee Table Made From an Old Door

turn an old door into a table

Tutorial via This Sorta Old Life


8. Shutter Coat Rack or Towel Rack

Shutter coat rack or towel rack

Tutorial via Hinges


9. Repurposed Crib into Kid’s Activity Table

From crib to play table

Tutorial via A Little Learning for Two


10. Bookcase Turned Modern Sandbox

Bookcase Turned Modern Sandbox

Tutorial via: Mom.me


11. Headboard Turned Shelf

Turn an old headboard into a shelf

Tutorial via The Yellow Capecod


12. Crate Coffee Table

Coffee table made out of wood crates

Tutorial via DIY Vintage Chic


13. DIY Side Table from Vintage Record

Upcycled side table made using a vintage record

Tutorial via The Flourishing Abode


14. Porch Swing from Old Doors

Porch Swing from Old Doors

Tutorial via A Guy, A Girl, and a Really Old House!


15. Repurposed Cabinet Door into a Coat Rack

repurposed cabinet door into a coat rack

Tutorial via Nellie Bellie


16. Picture Frame Headboard

Picture Frame Headboard

Tutorial via Vintage Revivals


17. Bookshelf Turned into Doll House

Bookshelf Turned into Doll House

Tutorial via The Tama Blog

17 Creative Ways to Repurpose & Reuse Old Stuff

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